What can you do


What You Can Do


Contributors  - Wanted!

We, the Artists' Bill of Rights (ABoR) contributors, are always on the lookout for people who support the aims of the campaign and would like to use their skills to help further them.

The aims of the campaign are -

  • To provide a means whereby all artists' associations can unite around a common set of standards for preservation of their rights.

  • To promote the Artists' Bill of Rights' standards for the preservation of artists' rights in competitions and appeals seeking creative works. (Consideration may be given to widening that remit in future, e.g. to contracts.)

  • To promote organisations who support the Artists’ Bill of Rights and to promote their competitions and appeals.

  • To educate the public about the purpose and value of their intellectual property rights and to enable them to recognise when they are being exploited.

  • To publish reports about the extent of rights grabbing and other copyright abuses and to analyse and quantify the rights grabbed by the private, public, charitable, and non-profit sectors.

  • To press for legislative changes that would protect the public from unfair and unethical terms and conditions that seek to exploit their intellectual property rights.

Having more contributors will not just bring additional resources to carry out the campaign work. We hope it will bring fresh ideas, innovative thinking, a wider range of skills, to build to a worldwide international community empowered by being united in a common cause.

Such a worldwide collaboration will demonstrate clearly to businesses, the public sector and charities, that there is an international ethical standard setting out limits on the use of the public's intellectual property rights without payment.

Contributors - how you can help

Contributors can help the campaign's aims in several ways, click on any of the titles below to find out more.

Use the Artists' Bill of Rights Logo to promote the campaign

You can add the logo to your website or anywhere else where you have permission to display it and link it ti http://artists-bill-of-rights.org

You could also add the logo to your email signature again linking it to the URL given above. Doing that with every email you send is a easy way to bring the campaign to your friends and collegaues attention.

This is the logo to use-


Complain to organisations that abuse copyright; Click Here

You could write letters of complaint to organisations to persuade them to change rights grabbing terms and conditions to ethical terms and conditions. Thousands of you sending just one or two emails per week would help demonstrate that the campaign is widely supported. For ideas, see our sample complaint.

Are you a lawyer specialising in IP? Click Here

If you have legal expertise, you can use your skills to to review and edit our material and ensure that it is legally sound. Or you could help with the occasional queries that can arise from time to time about specific terms and conditions ensuring that we publish criticism that is legally valid.

Are you a writer? Click Here

If you are a writer, you can use your skills to ensure the campaign material can be read and understood by the public, that it is clear, easy to read, and unambiguous. Perhaps you would be willing to contribute articles for use to publish credited as you would wish?

Become an active campaigner; Click Here

If you support the aims of the campaign, you could help undertake the various competition related activities. Activities such as negotiating with competition organisers, persuading them to become ABoR supporters, creating competition reports and updating the ABoR website.

If you wish to contribute to this part of the campaign you will be expected to a member of a recognised arts association, i.e. you will be a representative of that association and any campaign reports you produce will be credited to your association. It is hoped that arts associations will become supporters of the ABoR, that some of them will become contributors by having one or more of their members contribute to the ABoR campaign, and in doing so the association will be credited on this website for all the work and reports they have contributed.

Are you are cartoonist or skilled at satirical writing? Click Here

Other writing skills that could be of benefit to the campaign are humour and satire. It would be good the lighten the heavy campaign stuff with material that make people laugh, and to enjoy reading about unrepentent rights grabbers being satirised and mocked. If such skills become available to the campaign we would probably set up a separate section on the website for such material. Cartoons would be another effective means of communication.

Are you skilled in PR? Click Here

If you have PR experience, you can use your skills to ensure the campaign and its supporters are being promoted as well as they can be.

Are you a skilled negotiator? Click Here

If you have negotiating skills, advise and guide other ABoR contributors to achieve best possible outcomes.

Are you a successful fund raiser? Click Here

If you have fund raising skills you could help the camaign raise funds which would be used to raise awareness of our campaign.


What to do?

We are sorry, this is unpaid work, as campaigns led by passion often are. We hope you feel that achieving the aims of the campaign will be recompense for contributing your skills, time and effort.

If you are interested in contributing to the campaign please contact us and tell us about your background, how you like to help, and of course your contact details so we can get back to you.

Pro-Imaging.org founded the Artists' Bill of Rights in 2007

Pro-Imaging is a worldwide support group for professional photographers
who are pro-active in defending photographers rights.